the process

SimplyLil works with various individuals and brands to achieve overall
image performance and competence.

Style Consultant

Loving your body and understanding all the nitty gritty of your flaws is a journey that you would be undertaken with your special guide SimplyLil .
Learning about your actual and most accurate measurement of your under garment and shape wear is part of this interesting experience.
Here questions about your intended style goals and profile will be asked and assessed.

Closet Declutter

Statistics shows that a lot of women rearly have anything to wear and they often repeat clothes even with a full closet , ever wondered why?
Do you find yourself always wearing the same outfit over and over again ?
Together with simplylil a total decluttering of your closet will be done , where decisions on clothing items that needs to GO, be donated or even sold will be made .
Yes it might be a bit painful but the gains are enormous.


Wow this is the fun part The business of styling is a lot of fun for SimplyLil and she’s going to be getting right into business with you .
With her magic wand she would be helping you create various exceptional fashion combinations that are best suited for your everyday style .
She would be laying fantastic foundations that would help you create exciting pieces . Your closet now becomes a whole new paradise where you become confident that you will be appropriately styled for any moment in your life .
This is just an amazing experience and working with SimplyLil, you can easily respond to whatever style opinions or questions that you might have had. Literally you are making the most out of what you have, that is , your brand new closet and style