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Working With Vera Nova

My experience with Simplylil has been Eye opening. With my background in Fashion and Design, I didn’t think it was possible for me to loose track on my “own style” when Clothing Women is part of my “Job Description”. But we all know that LIFE HAPPENS.

From a size 12 to a Size 18. It was hard for me to keep up. I used to love to Dress up. But Dressing up became a Chore. I chose Comfort over Style.
The day I knew I had to do something was when a Client came to my office and said “good afternoon, is your madam around? I want to See her. And I was like, I am Her! She is Me!😂😂😂😂” She was shocked because my appearance didn’t match the impression she had of Me.
E pain me sha! I laughed it off but I knew that I couldn’t use Motherhood or Workload as an excuse again. I have chosen to be intentional. It’s been a Week since my styling session with SIMPYLIL and I feel like a New Woman
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Mrs Gaile Uka

Corporate Executive

I met Lilian from our MBT ( mastering the business of your talent )class and I got to know that she was a personal stylist and shopper. I have never really heard that term before but I decided to give her a try. I called her with fear in my heart. I was so sure that I would need to overhaul my entire wardrobe and buy new clothes. The first day , she went through my closet and I ended up giving away 3 huge Ghana must go bags. Filled with clothes that I had not worn in at least 2-3 years. Some of the clothes, I was planning to wear them after losing weight. 3 huge bags. I could almost feel my closet heave a sigh of relief.
Then we got to look at the clothes I had left. One thing impressed me about Lilian as we talked. She said I would not need to buy clothes . That we will work with what I had in my wardrobe. I was stunned. She showed me how to mix and match using the clothes I had . She showed me how to use my accessories and even the type of hairstyles to make.

The transformation was amazing. My colleagues at work began to notice . My family and friends noticed . The change was so sweet, I signed up for my 2 daughters age 11 and 13, because I realized they needed the right guideline too .
My confidence level went up as well as my daughters , The ability to walk into a room and know that you are beautifully dressed brings out a level of confidence and a spring in your steps too.

Thank you so much Lilian for changing our lives

Nnanke Essien

Business Improvement Manager

I didn’t use to me a shabby dresser or so I thought until I met Lilian, I would watch her videos, watch the way she talks and carries herself and just aspire to get there someday. Then it happened… I had been praying for a leadership role and that prayer was answered, I knew I had the brain but I didn’t feel I looked the part. Immediately, my brain connected to one who I admired, one whom I would listen to if she walked into a board room. I reached out to Lilian and like a gentle fairy godmother, she gently led me through the process of decluttering, through the process of paying attention to things and outfits that mattered and expressed the core of my being. She made me ready for my role and I smashed it on day one. Lilian was thorough in her approach, absolutely leaving no stone unturned, in 4 weeks, my husband noticed a remarkable difference, my younger brother was eager to see what I would put together the next week. I was excited about colors, textures, prints, scarves, make up and so on. I paid attention and Lilian helped me through that. Simply Lil is the style and lifestyle master you want in your corner. Don’t settle for less, work with the most intentional and the best amongst the very few. Thank you Lil

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Lilian Faluyi

Someday I will climb Aso rock just to tell the world how amazing you are! Thank you for making my style journey an exciting and enjoyable experience. Prior to reaching out to you, my style was basic and boring. I had so many clothes but nothing to wear. I spent many hours in the store shopping for nothing. I wore button-down shirts and black pants 5 days a week. I was ready to give my clothes away and purchase a new wardrobe.

Consulting you for my style transformation is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. I’ve learned so much from you in the past few weeks and I still can’t believe we created approximately 50 looks in just 2 weeks! I get compliments when I go out and people always want to interact with me. Some days I even feel like the statue of liberty! I look forward to the weekends, because I know that means I get to put together clothes and try on outfits for the week. I attend more events now than ever before because I get excited to dress up for each one.

Of all the many things I’m thankful for, feeling confident and gorgeous about my personal style is the greatest of them all! I feel like I just made a lifelong investment in myself and I’m sincerely grateful for your patience and every minute of your time. I hope someday when I visit PH city I get to meet you in person. God bless you always!

Why I recommend The Simplylil Institute of Style

  • Advances your knowledge of style etiquette
  • Well-informed style master & well-defined sessions
  • Evolves your style from zero to GHEN GHEN
  • Saves you time and lots of money
  • Optimizes use of items in your closet
  • Modifies your closet to suit lifestyle & seasons
  • Elevates your level of confidence

... and many more.

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