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Our Services

Pretty sure you are wondering why you should use SimplyLil services? Discover the beauty of your body shape and flaunt it with your brand new style . Style is all about flattering your body in many diverse but interesting ways.
We Offer;
  • Personalized Styling
  • Personalized Shopping
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Interior Decoration

Personalized Styling

Being International can sometimes be overwhelming, you have taken care of everyone but yourself . Let simplylil step in and help you sort out the most important part of you which is your image . Yes you might have a great personality but a lot of people still judge a book by its cover and yes they judge you. So weather you want a full upgrade in style , a birthday shoot or any event , simplylil is the stylist that you need .

Personalized Shopping

SimplyLil understands how overwhelming it is at certain times to shop, experience stress free shopping with the stylemaster herself .

Work and flatter your body with well matched items that she has selected for you that fits your budget .


Corporate Image & Brand Consulting

SimplyLil works with various brands and members of their team to achieve overall image performance and competence in the workplace


Interior Decoration

For over a decade simplylil has been designing space from workspace to homes to stores . With well crafted woodwork and hardware she easily transforms your space to everything you desire .